Okay..so if any of you Klaus and Caroline fans read my feed last night, my professor gave our class the greatest theory and view on Klaroline. The discussion came up in her excitement over the crossover, she watched the promo and got super excited. As our web class last night was about new media promotions and how to use them, so we kind of fell into it. When she expressed her excitement a couple of students asked her about ships, it was a pretty good balance in the class. A Klaus and Camille fan asked her why she was so enamoured with Klaroline, as it always comes up whenever she brings talks about her love of Klamille. She answered “Why do you want to settle?” and decided to give us a theory on how she sees the eternal ship. Also added that we have to remember this is the writer’s job, to sell us something so why fans may see no Caroline mentions in The Originals as Klaus not caring or moving on. She adds that was all the writers doing and if it were in true character, that would not be the case.

Professor Dilworth’s Klaus and Caroline Theory. 

the-best-kiss-klaus-and-caroline-35811079-500-279Klaus is bewitched with Cami over his pain of losing Caroline. When Caroline finally admitted her feelings for him, we were left with a confession and hot hybrid sex. As Klaus ventures in 4×20 down to NOLA and receives the news that he will soon be a father, it was life changing. The possibility of leaving his mark on another life as Mikael had left on his. Shocked, scared and frustrated, we all know how the scene plays out. He see’s this girl, blonde hair, similar traits and he stands beside her. According to my professor, he was intrigued because he needed comfort, he needed someone to relate to, and the writers put Cami in Klaus line for that reason. My teacher brings up the fact that Klaus left Caroline a message, still wanting her to come to him when she was ready. Then we catch up to 5×11 with her confession. My professor explains that Klaus was fearful because of Aurora. We see that she was compelled to break his heart and that she did. Leaving Klaus to believe love is a weakness and to combat that he turns heartless. Adding that vampire feels things stronger and he is wreaked with heartbreak over her. Can’t get hurt if your heart is shielded by centuries of anger and hate towards love.

In comes Caroline, who starts to open that up within Klaus. Makes him feel human after 1000 years of shutting his heart away. So in 5×11 he is fearful..maybe he read her wrong, or it was not what he thought. However, Caroline comes in “classic Caroline” and then follows up with a shock and confession of her feelings for Klaus. As this becomes bittersweet for our hybrid, he is happy but also in pain. Klaus has to leave and never come back, and because it is Caroline, he will abide by her wishes. As he does so, he returns to NOLA and misses that connection, that feeling with Caroline badly. This time, instead of returning to his we do not feel state, he tries to find something to replace that feeling…and in comes Cami. She is a rebound, and because of that Klaus becomes bewitched with Cami, falling in love with her, as the writers put it. However, as my professor sees it, as him falling in love with the idea of falling in love, because he was starting to fall in love with Caroline, missing her and longing for that feeling drive him to believe this facade with Cami. Moreover, it does not add up with Klaus beginning to fall in love with Caroline after so long, only to suddenly fall in love with Cami.

I told her about the writers that love Klaroline, and she said “of course” it was the best-written romance on the show. Moreover, the reason it did so well is because the writers wanted to get one point across but it manifests into something more. That is the beauty of acting and the ship never would have taken off without Candice and Joseph’s flawless acting and chemistry. They sold the ship better and gave it so much more with their performances. She also added that in the end, this thing with Cami is okay for now. However, if the writers are looking for Epic love then they should keep this in mind.

Caroline broke down the monster; Cami comforted the monster. Caroline did all the work and in the end, she should finally get his heart while giving hers.

She also noted that it has many parallels with Bram Stokers Dracula and gothic romances, and that is what makes them better. She sends her love and thanks for enjoying her theory and says she cannot wait for the crossover. I did slip and tell her to watch because there is a phone call coming. So my Professor Dr Dilworth is a new addition to the Klaroline Shippers club.

As for the Klaus and Camille fan that was in attendance they too have jumped ship, she said after she broke it down and explained it. It gave her new insight and agreed that it makes Camille look like the rebound chick.

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