Will Klaus and Caroline Fans Impact The Originals?


Watching The Originals panel recently left me with a thousand reactions as to what I expect from this show. Overall I really enjoyed it and look forward to it. Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis’s chemistry is awesome and that will help with the dynamic. Daniel was a riot as always and Claire was her usual charming self.  The only thing that really annoyed me while watching was the reaction of Julie Plec and Joseph Morgan during the Klaus and Caroline questions.

I understand the backlash from fans when Klaus (Morgan) and Hayley (Tonkin) hooked up. Then spiraled out of control with The Originals pilot episode and the reveal of the ‘magical baby’. The actress Phoebe Tonkin reportedly got death threats after that. Which is absolutely uncalled for. Julie Plec and a few other’s were very verbal in speaking out about the treatment of the actress, but was that the right move for her to make before the show even airs. I understand her speaking out to defend her friend and co-worker. As the drama went on and critics started reviewing the show. The baby plot came up again and Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) reason for being added to the show.

Julie’s response was to blame the baby plot not being received well on Klaus and Caroline fans. So it was not just Klaus and Caroline fans that hated the baby plot or the fact that Hayley’s character was even added to the cast. Everyone seemed to follow suit from there. Joseph Morgan who was begging for a love interest during his time on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ suddenly became annoyed with Klaroline questions. He did do it respectful and with much more grace than Julie Plec but still is this a good move for the show. The media had a large part also because they took it an ran. During the panel when it was time for fan questions and one came up about What you will miss the most about Mystic Falls?. You could tell it had become an inside joke with Joseph’s answer and how he gave it, also at one point Claire leaned over saying sorry to her friend Phoebe when another Caroline question came up.  Of course it was egged on by Julie Plec if you watch the panel. I respect Julie Plec but do I agree with how she reacts to fan questions or concerns. Sometimes no. So do Klaus and Caroline fans have to walk on egg shells or not ask questions about those two anymore. Some would get that impression from recent interviews. Daniel Gillies also commented during Comic-con with Phoebe adding “you’re gonna get in trouble.” I take her playing it off because she received the biggest backlash, but that was not all of the fans and to loop everyone together might have rub some the wrong way.


You have two characters that took over the top ship on the show. That is how much of an impact Klaus and Caroline have. In all of the polls they were first or second to Damon and Elena. Fans taking time to illustrate beautiful fan art and fiction about this couple. So it means something to fans of the show. Julie did say she will have to work harder to get people on Hayley’s side but will that ever happen giving some of the comments and attitude? More on Hayley (Tonkin) here.

It just saddens me when you see great chemistry between characters that could have something in the future ruined because outside influences. Klaus did make his declaration to Caroline at the end of TVD season 4. Plec has promised cross-overs if scheduling can accommodate , so we will see Klaroliners. There still may be hope yet. But if falls to ratings and WB whats to push the envelope we just might be hearing Julie change her tune. Which also brings up the fact that Julie Plec and company  should realize that too. This is not the first time. Hints were made to Kol fans also about questions on that character coming back. I understand they want to gain a newer audience from TVD but do you offend your base audience out the gate? What do you think? Will you watch the show?

Credit: for awesome Klaroline fan art  Marisol Tammero on Twitter 

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You all thought the same as me. Yes, Klaroline fans will impact the show to some extent. Poll is now closed. Thank you for voting!

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