[Poll]Will Klaus Truly Get What He Deserves and If So.. Will It Involve The Baby?


Julie Plec recently made comments about what is in store for Klaus, this January. It doesn’t look good but he does deserve it. I adore Niklaus Mikaelson. He is my absolute favorite character on the show but he is a villain. So at some point he does have to answer to something.

The second half of the season will be a departure from the first. Klaus, who is played by Joseph Morgan, isReigning Pain in New Orleansnow back in control of the city he loves, but he is sharing that power with Marcel. Davina is not happy with the current state of affairs, and the mid-season finale saw her going to Cami for help. Julie Plec teased the following about the second half of the season:

[Fans will see] a big move in the witch community, a life-altering choice made for Davina, and an attempt to complete the Harvest.
If the Harvest is completed, Davina will die. The legend does say she will come back to life, but that is not known for sure. All three of the things above are connected though.

source: Examiner

So I got to thinking, if Klaus is supposed to find his redemption through the baby. It doesn’t mean the child will be around. That baby became a character as soon as they announced  the sex. So that for me also raised a red flag. Now we know Klaus will have a daughter. But the more and more I see spoilers and think about a season 2 for this show. It leads me to believe that we may never see this baby or we may and then….You know. Sad but it explains the story so much better for me. Here we have Klaus who will come to love and want this child. What could really make him change or grow even? The lost of it. This opens the story and plot up so much more, especially now with his “pack” close by. I feel he would really start to see what Cami told him. “You are the architect of your own unhappiness.”So… you never know with this show but it still could happen. What do you think? Will we see this baby or not? Answer in our poll below.

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